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  • Dimensions - what is the height, width, and depth of the product?
  • Wood type - if you're on a budget, are you looking for pine, or can you afford a nicer hardwood?
  • Hardware - if a piece has cabinets or drawers, this takes additional time and has a higher cost to design a piece with this functionality.  
  • Finish - if the piece is going to be painted, no sense wasting money on expensive wood and covering that nice wood grain!  If it will be stained, it might be better to spend the extra money on nicer wood depending on the aesthetic that you're looking for.  If there is a faux finish, this takes additional time and has a higher cost.
  • Timeline - is this something that needs to be done in two weeks, or can it take two months?
  • Picture - nothing is more helpful than seeing a picture that is close to what the final product should look like.  This gives me and the client a spatial representation and scale of what is expected.  
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